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ICC Banking Commission Collected Opinions 1995-2001

ICC Publication No.: 632 E

ISBN: 978-92-842-1297-2

Language: English

2002 Edition
Sales price 175,00 CHF

For more than 70 years, ICC's Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits (UCP) have set the standard for documentary credit usage worldwide.  ICC's Banking Commission Opinions, often cited by courts, provides expert interpretation and contains the official analysis of how the rules work in day-to-day practice.

Collected Opinions, edited by Gary Collyer and Ron Katz, contains more than 300 queries and responses on Uniform Customs and Practices for Documentary  Credits (UCP 500 and UCP 400), Uniform Rules for Collections URC 522), and the new Opinions that have never been published in book format.  Plus, these Opinions are fully indexed, organized and cross-referenced to meet your needs.

User Friendly Features

  • All Opinions are grouped and numbered in the sequence of the UCP Articles in which they refer.
  • Each Opinion is dated so you will know when it was decided;
  • If an Opinion has been overruled by later Opinion, this is clearly indicated in the text.

In addition, the Collected Opinions contains a useful, consolidated Key Word Index, covering all Opinions and containing more than 200 key words linked directly to the corresponding Opinion.  This feature is designed to save you time, and will help you in your search for the appropriate Opinion.

ICC's Collected Opinions, covering seven years of official Opinions of the ICC Banking Commission, provides you with a unique and comprehensive hardcover reference in the field of documentary credits.