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Business Guide to Trade and Investment Vol. 1: International Trade

ICC Publication No.: 781 E

Language: English

2017 Edition
Sales price 80,00 CHF

Volume 1 of this series introduces business interests to the international and regional rules applicable to trade in goods and services, as well as to aspects of trade such as intellectual property rights and dispute settlement. It covers the following subject areas:

  • Introduction to the world trading system, economic and political benefits of trade, structure and functioning of the WTO;
  • Fundamental rules governing international trade;
  • Customs issues including how customs authorities determine the amount of duties due on imports;
  • Non-tariff barriers;
  • WTO rules relating to subsidies;
  • How industries can obtain relief from imports causing them harm;
  • Rules applicable to trade in agricultural goods;
  • Government procurement;
  • Export Controls and Sanctions;
  • Rules applicable to Trade in Services, IP rights;
  • How disputes are settled in the WTO and regional trade agreements.The book also includes case studies showing how particular industries have used the rules to open foreign markets or to protect themselves from injurious imports.The authors have worked hard to simplify the complex and technical subjects of trade and investment to make them more accessible. Technical subjects have been broken down into readily understandable language. Business guidance is provided in the form of Shaded Tip Boxes, as well as legal details in Text Boxes.