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Kopie von Swiss Arbitration Commission Collage 6

ICC Model International Franchising Contract

ICC Publication No.: 712 E

ISBN: 92-842-0105-5

Language: English

2011 Edition
With shipment for 5,35 CHF
Sales price 76,90 CHF
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To keep up with latest developments across the world, ICC’s experts have now updated the successful Model International Franchising Contract. This update includes a significantly expanded introduction, providing valuable information for users on issues such as anti-trust rules and questions of laws applicable to franchises. A helpful commentary offers alternative drafting solutions adapted to more specific needs and identifies potential pitfalls.

This easy to use business tool reflects the diversity of franchising contracts across a range of industries. It provides a balanced contractual framework for franchisors and franchisees seeking legal certainty and compliance with common practice.

Includes the text of the contract on CD-Rom.





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