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Summaries of UAE Court’s Decisions on Arbitration

ICC Publication No.: 746 E
ISBN: 978-92-842-0189-1
Language: English
Sales price 75,00 CHF



“Summaries of UAE Courts’ Decisions on Arbitration” is a readily comprehensible guide to arbitration in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).
Despite the fact that Dubai has become a hub for arbitration in the region, there is a severe lack in literature and source material about arbitration in the Middle East. Most state judgments to date exist in handwritten form only. This publication is the first ever to summarize in English a series of judgments issued over the last 20 years by the Dubai Court of Cassation, the Federal Supreme Court of Cassation, the Fujairah Federal Court of First Instance and the Abu Dhabi Court of Cassation.
An expert group of members of the ICC UAE Commission on Arbitration has carefully selected, summarized and translated more than 75 judgments in order to offer much needed insight into how arbitration works and how it is treated by the judiciary in the UAE. Each summary contains an insightful headnote, which enables the reader to easily identify the principles of arbitration set out by the UAE courts in the selected judgments. In addition to giving vital access to important source, this publication contains a helpful introduction into the UAE’s legal system and its arbitration provisions.
Lawyers, arbitrators and other professionals involved in or preparing for arbitration proceedings in the United Arab Emirates as well as academics will greatly benefit from this vital resource.