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Kopie von Swiss Arbitration Commission Collage 6


Jan Atteslander



To promote cross-border trade and investment by business and an open global economy to foster job creation, sustainable development, and improve living standards.


Priority Projects

  • Champion trade measures to speed international efforts to end the Covid-19 pandemic.


  • Shape a high-standard outcome to the WTO e-commerce negotiations.


  • Shape key intergovernmental processes on trade and the environment based on real-world industry experience – including the intersect between trade rules and circular economy approaches.**


  • Champion pragmatic solutions to enhance the functioning of the multilateral trading system and the World Trade Organization – grounded in the needs of the real economy.


Swiss Delegates

  • Jan Atteslander, Coordinator, economiesuisse
  • Marino Baldi, Prager Dreifuss
  • Denis Fichot, JTI
  • Andres V. Guggiana, Philip Morris International
  • Denise Laufer, SwissHoldings
  • Stephan Mumenthaler, scienceindustries
  • Ghislaine Weder, Nestlé SA


Further Information

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