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Providing the basis for ICC's activities, commissions constitute centres of expertise. Currently, more than 500 specialists with a multitude of industry backgrounds serve on international commissions to work out solutions on questions and problems about worldwide technological, economic and political developments in international trade.


ICC members may participate in around 20 technical commissions and thereby contribute to the development of international standards and prevailing conditions in order to promote a successful and sustainable market economy throughout the world. Technical expertise, honorary work and independence ensure that ICC's commissions assess current developments as well as the policies of governments and international organisations in a critical manner by investigating their impact upon the international business community. Statements and comments submitted by ICC towards authorities and international organisations are developed within expert commissions.


ICC commissions are specialized working bodies composed of business experts nominated by ICC national committees that examine major issues of practical concern to world business and that work together to address cross-cutting subjects. They prepare policy products, including statements to inform and shape intergovernmental discussions and resulting policy, as well as rules and codes to facilitate international business transactions.



pdfICC Commissions Terms of Reference


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